Wild Brumbies

I haven’t blogged for some time but thought I’d better get back into the swing of it.

Visited Inskip Point just near Rainbeach Beach on the weekend.  Inskip Point is the gateway for 4WDs to have access via barges to the lower end of the great Fraser Island here in Queensland.

We strolled up the beach taking our 2 dogs for a walk when 2 beautiful wild brumbies came out of the bush onto the beach.
 photo 283C0946ps_zpse184faaa.jpg

The strolled around for a while & then walked down to look at me taking their photos
 photo 283C0961ps_zps751a11b1.jpg

The little male horse was very inquisitive & walked up to me – but when he got about a metre away I stepped back as I wasn’t too sure what he would do
 photo 283C0963ps_zps6a918199.jpg    photo 283C0965ps_zps6ef6505d.jpg

They posed a little more for me
 photo 283C0970ps_zps96903786.jpg MUM
 photo 283C0971ps_zps8a0ad799.jpg SON (I think)

Before they then ran off up the beach
 photo 283C0975ps_zpsfc0582d4.jpg

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Gatton – Western Transport truck museum

Back in October this year I went out the the Western Transport truck museum at Gatton as my Dad was attending a truckie’s reunion with the company he used to work for when I was a baby.  He actually worked for them for around 7 years back in the 60’s.

They have a Roll Board listing all the drivers that have worked for the company & I was very proud to see my Dad’s name listed there.  (that’s Nev’s name at the bottom)

It also brought back some memories of the old trucks he used to drive, although we never really saw him that much on his long interstate trips back then  (centre truck)…. it can’t have been comfortable being away for long stretches with no cabin comforts or sleepers like todays trucks.  Let alone tarping all their loads with heavy tarps & having to fold them away again. 

The good old Mack trucks

So proud of my Dad – he was a truckie all his life & only retired around 8 years ago.  Luckily he gave up the interstate driving when we were youngsters & continued mostly driving in Queensland.  Then then worked as Transport manager with Richers (ie organising loads/dockets) with the odd road trip & then finished off his career back in the seat truck driving.

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Baby Harley with Dad & Mum

Harley’s parents came back two days after my first shoot so we could have another play.  Dad has some great tattoos, so I thought would be great to show them off with his little son.

I love this one – it appears Harley is staring out the dragon…. lol

Somehow managed to get him looking straight at me

We soon forget how little they are when only just newborn

Mum joining them

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Baby Harley

I can’t believe I haven’t been blogging for so long – my life just seems to revolve around work this year, so hoping it will all be different next year.

I’ve been trying to fit in some maternity & newborn photography into my hectic life, so thought I should start sharing some.  This was my first newborn shoot & luckily a friend’s baby, so you will see more of this little guy as they ‘volunteer’ him for shoots to improve my skills….. lol  (well I’ve asked to do his milestones)

Meet little Harley

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Rockabilly Sarah – 3

This time it’s a classic black dress Sarah was wearing.  I haven’t finished editing yet, but she had a gorgeous pair of shoes with this outfit, so I’ll try to come back so you see them.  Sarah had lots of very high & gorgeous shoes which I meant to take a photo of them all together but forgot 😦

Here’s one with her sunglasses

and one of her many beautiful parasol’s  (almost said umbrella… lol)

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Rockabilly Sarah – 2

Surprise surprise, I didn’t get sidetracked again & I’m back to post more of the lovely Sarah from my photoshoot with her on Sunday.

It’s nice to see the occasional old style Coke bottle still out there so was a nice prop & a cool drink for Sarah on the job….lol

Had a little fun with some whipped cream & strawberries too… yummo!

Now make sure you check back again as she has a few more costume changes 🙂

Thanks again to the wonderful Julie-Anne for allowing me to join her shoot.

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Rockabilly Sarah

I know it seems forever since I’ve been blogging but my work hours are about to go back to normal average 40hr week & I’m so looking forward to those extra 20hrs a week doing fun stuff instead of work! (finger’s crossed)

Yesterday I had a fun afternoon doing a Rockabilly shoot with Sarah.  Ever so grateful to the wonderful Julie-Anne Smith for allowing me to join in at her ‘studio’ (along with Kathrine)

It didn’t take that long before Sarah was enjoying herself.

I’ll be back with a few more………

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Rainbow Bee Eater

I’m up in Darwin visiting my brother for a few days, so was out and about doing some sightseeing around the city.  After looking at Government House we strolled up towards Bicentennial Park when noticed this cute little guy flying around catching bugs in the bushes just opposite Parliment House.

I haven’t seen this beautiful bird before so was pretty excited he was happy sitting in this bush & flying off for a bug & returning. Even more so that I happen to capture quite a few nice photos of him….. lol

These images have been cropped in but I’m pretty happy with the results on my Canon 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 lens

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Greazefest 2012

On Sunday I went to the Greazefest 2012 over at the Rocklea Showgrounds here in Brisbane.  I had a wonderful morning with my great friend Julie-Anne (JasPhotograph).

I love seeing everyone dressed in their 50’s & 60’s outfits including those wonderful glasses!  Great rock n roll music playing it was sometimes hard to stand still taking a photo as I wanted to bop to the music…. ha ha ha.  I’ve done rock n roll dancing in the past and love it. 

There were lots and lots of older cars, motorbikes and bicyles, along with so many wonderful stalls, so if you didn’t go this year make sure you visit next year.

Now I have lots of photos to share, but the first is this little girl who was waiting patiently while her Mum was looking in one of the clothing stalls.  She was just so cute that I asked the Mum if she minded me taking her photo and on Mum’s prompt the little girl immediately went into a pose.

Another little pose

Isn’t she just the sweetest little girl!

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Abbey Medieval Festival 2012

I’m back with some more of the Gypsy area at the festival.  This time sharing some of the beautiful girls and guys and their wonderfully colourful costumes.

Don’t you just love all that colour!!!!

All taken on Canon 5D MkIII & Canon 70-300mm f4-5.6L IS USM lens

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