Gatton – Western Transport truck museum

Back in October this year I went out the the Western Transport truck museum at Gatton as my Dad was attending a truckie’s reunion with the company he used to work for when I was a baby.  He actually worked for them for around 7 years back in the 60’s.

They have a Roll Board listing all the drivers that have worked for the company & I was very proud to see my Dad’s name listed there.  (that’s Nev’s name at the bottom)

It also brought back some memories of the old trucks he used to drive, although we never really saw him that much on his long interstate trips back then  (centre truck)…. it can’t have been comfortable being away for long stretches with no cabin comforts or sleepers like todays trucks.  Let alone tarping all their loads with heavy tarps & having to fold them away again. 

The good old Mack trucks

So proud of my Dad – he was a truckie all his life & only retired around 8 years ago.  Luckily he gave up the interstate driving when we were youngsters & continued mostly driving in Queensland.  Then then worked as Transport manager with Richers (ie organising loads/dockets) with the odd road trip & then finished off his career back in the seat truck driving.

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